A professional, caring and compassionate grooming service for your beloved companion parrots.  

Onsite grooming is available as well as in-home grooming.  Grooming consists of wing, talon and beak trims.   

Stacy Totherow, Owner


PO Box 63 Lewellen, NE 69147

Email: birdywordy@aol.com

Hours: Monday-Friday: 9-6

Contrary to popular opinion, I do not actually work 24/7 and there is only one of me!  I am unable to return messages when I am grooming or driving. Since my job is mostly grooming and driving, I am not usually able to reply to your call/message immediately.  Phone and email is preferred, text is ok, but not always reliable. I do not communicate via facebook messaging. I try to return messages within 24-48 hours.  I do not return messages on weekends or holidays.  Phone and email are most reliable, texting, less so. I do not communicate via Facebook.  I do not have a store, my office is in my home.  Thank you for your patience and being considerate of the time and day that you message me!


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